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  About Us

Our Mission

Here at Wiston Group, we seek to uphold our goal of helping customers grow their business by offering the best prices possible on premium computer products. Every effort at providing excellent products at lower prices is made: we work directly with manufacturers and suppliers so that the final product coming to the customer is cheaper while still maintaining a premium grade. We carefully select products that are unique and profitable so that our customers can build their business on not just one, but many different angles.

It's Easy to Do Business With Us

We believe simpler is better. The process of starting an account with our company is much shorter and more convenient, so that the turn around time is within a few hours, not a few days. Starting on the first day of business our dedicated sales team will serve each and every customer with the same attention and respect, no matter how large or small your business is. Our focused sales team works hard to ensure that every step of the purchasing process from order to delivery is friendly, precise, and on-time. At Wiston Group, doing business is easy and hassle free.

Premium Products and Low Prices, Everyday

From our weekly promotions to our competitively priced products, our team strives to provide the best deals as often as possible to meet the needs of our customers in this fast-paced, dynamic world. Our experienced management team understands the importance of customer feedback and knows where to buy high quality products at the best prices.

100% Customer Satisfaction

While providing premium, low-priced products for our customers is important, ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with our service ranks even higher. We listen attentively to our customer's demands and take their feedback and comments seriously. Every step is taken to ensure that customer serivce is as easy and hassle-free as possible. Returning problematic merchandise is only one-click away; customers only need to fill out the online form and wait for their authorization number that will be issued within 24 hours. Our team here at Wiston Group are always available for any inquiries. For our valuable customers, we take great effort to give them an enjoyable and hassle-free business experience.

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